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>> this is not because of an accident. a reality show nightmare. why the wrong winner was announced. -nd how the looser is now cashing in.3 %->> i think, you are always on
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edge a bit. always on edge. >> the sneak he ay these pests could move into your home.ú >> up to 5 inches of rain could fall on maryland overnight. what arees could be hit hard and -hen the storm will move out. in the sky watch forecast. >> $28,000 office paid forrwith your money. >> whose office is this?ú >> how the money was spent without approval. and the proposed law that could make spending like this easier. >> livv ii high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> anddi am jeff barnd. what you are seeinggon the radar behind sus what remains of tropical storm nicole. >> storm drenched other places.3 and may have willed one child as it moved through the tropics. when flood waters swept away a home. it cut roads and washed out bridges on other islands as well.
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as tropical storm nicole moved toward florida it lost steam. but had aalot of rain. the wet weather made doing -nything outside in florida >> now tonight, we're getting ready for a lot of rain. keith daniels is standing by live in north baltimore where the city prepaaes for what could be six inch ofs of rain in some pllces. hello keith. >> jeff, good evening. city is working to avoid flooding. they have been busy clearing storm drains like this one. in fact, tonight they say the best defense residents have and trash can. >> at the corner of south followton and coallstreet. >> the rain cannot get it. it floods. >> city work crews are busy unclogging storm drains on mannings bbock, clearing gutters
10:03 pm trash and other stopped up drains that could flood neighborhoods. >> the hole innersection is full of watee. and it backs up really bad in here. andd ays there for days, the water does..3 >> each time it floods. >> it has been bad nasty. >> raw sewage washes through gary ruckels front yard. >> nasty and messy and stinky. i couldn't tell what you all is in it to be honest with you. >> plastic, bricks. >> there are aaout 52,000 storm drains inlets or gutters across the city. >> this one is clean. >> not all of hem need to be cleared. >> you have to be prepared for something like this. >> city had five teams, 10 people, to do all the work. so now wwrd from the departmeet of public works, about the trash. >> by law yoo are supposed to be cleaning up and picking up that
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if there is flood, that occurs because of that, it is basicalll because everybody hasn't been doing what they are upposed to be doing. >> well, we are back ere live.3 bge isspreparing for their storm tonight them. got key personnel on stanndy, just n ccse there are power sttrm. live in north balttmore, keith >> thank you, keith. >> if you see flooding in your area, we want you to see it, shoot t, send it. upload pictures and ideos to our website. just go to and click on he see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send ppctures directly from your cell phone to >> this is heavy rain can cause lots of probllms. >> how much rain can we expectt3 and when will it rain the hardest? is here with a look at the weather moving ttrough maryland. >> good and bad side. good side is the rain has broken upcoming ver he bored from her virginia to maryland.
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running into dryer slot of air in ennsylvania. but heevy rainfall over rich land and south of us. zoooing out the picture here. a little bigger view. carolinas, tornado watches issued down there. we could see it shifting up to our region for tomorrow afternoon.ú with pooential forrinstability in the atmosphere as we see the system move up. %-system, see the trough, activy is riding on. this troughhis just also associated withhthat area of low pressure riggt now, ccnsidered ttopical storm nicole that is spinning down there. and will continue to lose ú%rength through the overnight. but we do have also a low that issriding up tte frontal boundary, that is what the hhad of nicole, and this is what is helping to bridge the moisture rain into play in ouu neck of the woods. %-becomm a low itself, so thatd ú%ere will be two lows riding along the ffontal bouudary, through carolinas, virginia and %-so we have a flash flood watch
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througg the night tonight into ttmorrow. all for ceetral maryland. and how much rain? we are talking abouttseveral3 inches potentially. this is the future scan predicted rainfall. we could see three to four, maybe up to pockets of 6 inches3 central maryland and western maryland. %-detail.ok at this storm in thú and show you where it is traaking coming up. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can traak this rain on i-radar on down to your neighborhood. >>as you head oot for the morning commute. get the latest about which streets are flooded nd the best detours tomorrow morning on fox 45 news. the latest traffic information is on the news ticker and fox 45 morning news starts at 5:00 a.m. >> new this hour. investigators railroad still trying to figure out the cause of a deadly bus accident in3 montgomery ounty.
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it happened at 4:00 this afternoon on the skyramps north of the shopping ccnter in bethesda. myrrnda stephens joins ussto tell us how it happened. >> we learned one person killed in the crash was the drivee of the bus. of hanover pennsylvania. scene. federal investigators are getting involved. to figure out what went wrong. >> the images are frightening. people. including children aad parents. plunges off the washington beltway and lands 45 feet below, on to interstate 270. >> they entered the hov flyover, and the bus somehow or another left the roadway. >> state police say one person was killed innthe crash. 12 others hurt. rescue crews had to cut out four people that were trapped. two of them with life threatening injuries. officials say because of wherr tte bus landed they also did a
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search using canineeunits. >>well, the us landed, it landed on the non-highway side of the jersey wall. there is a lot of vegetation in that area. we needed to make sure that from the bus. >> the 26 passenger bus operated by wolf us lines, a company based in york county pennsylvania. %-that overseee busee, companyy received a satisfactory rating last month. %-went wrong in this deadly cra. >> this is unusual. we have seen bus accidents before, all of them poseddtheir own special ppoblems. but this is different. and investigators say two smaaler vehicles were lso involved in the crash. they are still trying to figure out if any offthe injured were inside of the veeiclls. >> myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. ú% breeking news to report.
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out of northeast baltimore. a man was shot in the head on bowlly's lane according to pollce. no word on his condition at this time. but homicide detectives have been callee to this particular crime scene. >> there is a developing story out of baltimore city, and the %-drug unit in the northwest district has been isbanded. clothes unii sent back to paaroll there are allegations of misconduct against, at least, three of the officers. one officer and he unit supervisor has been suspended. accused of using a stone license plate. >> bedbugs are beeooing such a the city is takinn action. melinda roeder expllins how they are trying to exterminate them %->> they really could effectt3 anyone. so we would like people to be as well informed sas possible. >> bedbugs are becoming a big nuisanceefor health offiiials n
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baltimore. worse for those living witt them. >> it is really stressful. honestly, it is a sttessful >> valerie and stephanie moved out of her ome months agooand still trying to get the bugs out. >> we are not living theee. we have not lived there. and there are still bugs. >> difficult to deal with. require multiple extermination treatments. but for some that may be impossible. >> not everyone has the resources for an exterminator. >> why health officials are holding public forums now getting out the word about hhw to prevent the buus and how to kill them. >> so that citizens are aware of what they can do to identify beebugs. and prevent them from cominggin to begin with. then responding in a way that is effective.ú >> half the battle is recognizing the source. often a neighbor's home. >> first thing i diddwhen i found out is knocked on my the neighbor had them for three years and used the foggers and
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sprays, noohing work. i was worried. because the longer you wait the worst it is. >> with cleaning and special3 powders they could be eliminate. a outbreak at the hospitallwaa %-years ago. treated a couple of ú% they treated the apartment, and apartment above, below, left and right. >> but after they are gone, these pests can bug you. >> iithink you are always on edge a bit. always on edge. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the city will hold mooe forums over the next few months. >> police make wo arrestssafter a murder in cockeysville. arrested gutierrez and calderon. they murddd the roommate. ranier r he was along sttne gate %-thh men got innan goment that turned physical. -he two face first-degree murder charges. and held tonight without bail. >> the family of a girl that was electrocuted on a softball field
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settles a lawsuit. family of deanna greene agreedú to a settlement with douglas electric and lighting for ú%disclosed amount. leaned up against a fence to3she stretch. the family now wants to revive the lawsuit against the city, whiih was prrvvousll tossed out. baltimore city teachers arey paid. they will be paid according to how successful your chiidren are in the classroom. karen parks is stand understanding by live to explain these changes tonight. >>well, jeff, right ow teachers like this one attpoly, receive automatic pay increases known as step. ú%ce the board approves the contract, eachers will be paid based on what they do in and out of he classroom. >> a quuet storm, of education right here in baltimore. >> it is a quiet storm, that promises to rock the boat. >> the laadmark teachers contract advances transformation of city schools.
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by compensating teachers based on instructional effectiveness. teacher evaluations and evidence >>the new contracttprovides new opportunities to enhance the teaching profession, to impact student learning and most imporrantlyy this will allow teachers to have real input in tte voice in how they advanne in their careers. >> and in years past teachersú were paid based on years of %-they obtained.the degrees that and receiveddautomatic pay increases known as steps. >> which is, you know, we need to evaluate eachers regularly. should be about people that are effective. and if people are not effective in terms f helping kids, and working with other teachers, you know, it is like in every other profession, i think, that, you know, they should think about other things to do. >> if the student do not perform despite your efforts it doesn't bode well for you, work in your >> very year, i am imppoving or
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increasing my knowledge because i teach special ed. >> afttr 10 years in the system, lisa mitchell agrees with the new hangee. bbt she waits for the other shoe to drop. >> my concern is what would be -s this the beginning f something else? >> dr. lan sosaid eeperience will not be over locked. he said everyone will make more in order to begin the new scale. they need to recognnzz the expense people have had in the pass. anddas for new teachers, starting salary increases from year. that's the highest pay for new teachers innthe state.3 reporting live here in north baatimore.ú karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. that..3 >> more than 28,000 taxpayer dollars poured into this office
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renovation. find out how ttey got all the money without raising any eyebrows, whaasoever, in tonight's cover story. >> i am ss sorry about these. oh, my gosh. i don't know whattto say. >> oh, boy.3 one of the biggest mix ups %-how they amed the wronn winn, on australia's next top model. in tonight's "word on the web". >> hear from the omen playing in baltimore's nnwest professional spprts leagu
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>> sounding the alarm about the pension problem in maryland. workers has about a problemúe across the country.
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and now the non-parttsan calvert institute has released a report3 critical of maryland's pension funding. group conttnds that maryland's pension program is much more under funned than it even appears to be. >> if people understand the extent of under funding, and the extent to which state conttibutions are going to have to escalate. there will necessarily have to be curtailment of benefits in >> well, a spokesman for thee3 pension board is critical of the report saying it is too incoherent to even respooddto. >> new poll out tonight gives governor o'malley a double digit lead over republican challenger -oberr ehhlich. 1400 adults surveyed by the washington post favor governor o''alley 52 to 41 percent. major change from several polls that shoo a dead heat in the gubernatorial raceein maryland. when it comes to the state budget, 43 percent of voters
10:19 pm
ú%%-40 percent for o'malley. both candidates reacted to this particular poll today. i do thinn that the public, after the primary, haa been taking stock of the fact that maryland is weathering thii downturn better than other states. and we arr starting to see ssme -ob creation for the first time in many years, in our state. >> that polllis so far out of whack with every ppblic nd private poll in ver eight months, periodd >> okay. here is our quessionnof the day. who gets your vote for governor3 in so farr50 percent say bob ehrlich. 37 percent o'malley..3 13 percent want a third choice. -ichard writes on ur website. %-and i cannottsupport them anyn more. but frank writes. o'malley has to go. he has taxed o us death. >> just go to and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook. send us a twwet@foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45023.
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>> your response could air later at 11:00 on the "late edition". >> new information tonight onú the possible cover up involving a state jobs report. maryland's republican caucus leaders calling for an investigation into why a gloomm assessment of jobs was pulled frrm the website as the department of labor and licensing.ú flurry of internal e-mails were ssnt before and after the report was pulled last month. labor secretary said that the document was never intended to be made public. congress will do nothing about extending the bush tax cuts befooe tte elections. 39 democrats voted against going home today to work on extending the tax cuts. it was enoughhto force a tie that house speaker nancy pelosi had to break. she id n favor of goiig home. democrats blame the failure to vote on tax cuts on republican
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opposition. but house republican leader boehner said that democratic leaders threw in the towel. >> the reason they are not bringinn this up for a vote. is because we have the votess in the house aad senate. to extend all of the current tax rates. %-cut unless it included the tax cut for income, for mostly, very wealthy families. >> well, the issue will be left3 to tte lamm uck ccngress after novemmer 2. >> stty with fox 45 news. for the latest on the mid ttrm elections. go to 2010. >> goveenor o'malley goes to cecil coonty tomorrow for the official opening of the holllwood casino uppthere. this while the city of bbltimore continues to wait.3 john rydell reports, the group that bid was rejected is appealing tonight. >> the glitzy new hollywood but in baltimore city, the3
10:22 pm
futtre site of another proposed gambling ven survey cant. entertainment group was the lone bidder to put slots at the m&t stadium. but reject by the slots commission. >> thhs project is nowhere near the track. >> commissiin members say the lingering delay has upset some public officials. who were counting on thh extra reeenue. >> every month it goes by city is not generating the revenue for the school system. the small businesses are not getting the type of infusion they need. >> baltimore city entertainment group is nnt giving up. its president is pleading his case before the maryland board oo contract appeals. >> it would allow us, to put the casino on one floor. >> canadian developer wants the board to overturn tte decision by the slots commission to give him a second chance to bring slots to baltimore. >> it will be fantastic..3 anddfinally, a lot sooner than
10:23 pm
reproposal process. finally the taxpayers of marylanddwill get what we voted for in november of 2008. >> it is not knoww when the board of contract appeals will%. %-city and state officials are t time in the near computer. >> now with the legal problems, i don't know what hat means for when we will get pen. and it is frustrating. we need the revenuee >> mayor stephanie rrwlings-blake hopes the %-sooner rather than later. >> we have everything in place. zoning, location, once the legal matters are cleared, we can hit the ground runing. >> until that occurs, gamblers will have to travel to ceccl county or oot of state. john rydell, foo 45 news at 10:00. >> if the board upholds the commission's decision, commission will reopen the >> gm ddcides to invest 23 and a half million dollars in new technologies manufactured at the plant in baltimore county. ú%the governoo and senator with
10:24 pm
mikulski were on hand when general motorr announced it today. this in addition to the $246 million invested back in january. the money will be used to boost production of electric motorr, and parts. it will also create 11 new jobs at the plant. >> baltimore will be the epicenter of the vehicle ú%pectation. and this team has earned this investment because of the %-years.%erformance over thh >> the gm plant in baltimore county is the first electric motor manufacturing facility in the u.s. operate by a major auto maker. >> girls, playing proceedd3 football. baltimore's new team in the lingerie football league makes the debut. >> the charm held the meeia day at 1st mriner arena earlier ttday.ú competition is fierce. girls play 7 on 7.3 full contact taakle football. >> really, it really is intense. we play real football. it is a good game.
10:25 pm
aad people will be surprised and impreesed. >> you can watch the charm take breeze in their home openingpa game friday. kickoff starts at 9:00 at nnght. find ouu more about the %-our websiterm by logging onto links. >> i am ss sorry about these. oh, my god. oh, i don't know what to say. >> later on fox 45 news at 11:00. the wrong winner announced on australia's next top model. how the mix up happened in tonight's "word on the web"" >> i guess helped to pay for that. >> next. tens oo thousands of dollars dollars used o renovate this %-undetected until now.t our cover story, when we come3 bbck. >> looking at heavy raiifall making the way up thr
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able
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to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. with three freshly baked bagel twists for only $3, like our delicious new tomato basil or sweet chocolate chip, so grab three for 3 today. [ ding! ]
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>>well, when money is ttght people are forced to cutback. maybe you cancel cable, or put off the big remodeling project.3 >> in baltimore that's not always the case. in tonight's cover story, jeff abell breaks down the city remodeling job, and the questions it keeps on raisingg3 about the office. >> whose office is this?
10:29 pm
>> right up thhre on the city's3 sixth floor. there is an office few taxpayers haae ever seen. >> nice bathroom. nice shower. %-that.ess i helped to pay for remodel 400 square feet of this city office. belongs to the public works department. renovated a year ago when ddvid ssott was director. assthe city was shopping for a custom glass desk and wall of stackksttne, the mayor was preaching hard times. >> one day trash pickup, one day recycling. if that doesn't pass, then we will talk abouu additionalú layoffs. >>the ity may have cuu services, but there was o stopping the renovatton. by the time it wws over, theú city had paid more than $12,000 for the furniture. $1200 for the director's chair. almost $1000 for the zebra prrnt rug. ann more than $1100 for that wall of stack stone. for taxpayers, thii is a $28,000
10:30 pm
office, but for city firefighters, it is a source of frustration. >> when i look at the money spent on this, i think of all the foyer houses we have where the -- where sinks re not working, toolets aae not working. in thh middle of winter furnaces not working. roofs leaking. >> at city hall, $28,000 question. how cotpuuchase oo that designer office, escape approval from thú %->> well no one wants to look s -f thhy are wasting money. yet they still want to live like they are bove the law..3 so they will do things to makk, you know, what they want to have >> when purchased separately most of the furnnshings here cost less than $5000. allowing them to fly under the -adar of thh city's board oo estimates. >> right now, the city's board of estimates approves all expensess that re greater than $5000. ú%d advertises all city ccntracts worth more than
10:31 pm
25,000. but soon those thresholds could be gone. >> on the november ballot voters will asked to eliminate the thresholds and allow the city council to set new ones. the current system. the mayor said. is simply outdated. >> we realize how far down we are going as ffr as significant purchases and we need to be able to streamline wwat we areeable to do. and make government more efficient. >> it is just worries me aalot. >> but city council womannmary pat clarke is criticaa of the ballot quession because it doesn't allow voters to decide what the new thresholds will be. >> we're saying don't worry, the city council will pass nee thresholls. >> i don't agree withhwhat thee3 >> thereeare often protests before the board of estimates, fairness. -ut one year after that $28,000 office went undetected ome boord members want more latitude to ssend. >> by raising the threshhld wee3
10:32 pm
are not eliminatingú accountability, and we are not eliminating the checks and balances, we are just raising thresholldfor matters that need to go before the board. >> that right there, i can imagine how muchhthat cost.ú >> for now the same taxpayers the office they never knew they purchased. ú% that's over the top..3 >> those taxpayers have anotter jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> lots f angry people tonight. >> a year after the office was ú%graded ddvid scott resigned from the department of public works. >> hired by formerrmayor sheila dixon. >> i am so sorry about these. i don't know whaa to say. >> prerecord next time maybe. live tv finale gone wrong. what caused a mix up during the australia's top model crowning, coming up in tonight's "word on
10:33 pm
the web". >> and this fly at a ppewee football game in texas, what caused the fight nd hyyit will force one team to end the season early, when the news at 10:00 continues. >> and looking at heavy raiifall headed up the mid-atlantic. looks like several inch of rain around
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>> all right. next 12 hours should be very, very, very telling. >> yeah, we have a llttof rain coming. we have seen t a little earlier today. got a break.ú but now we have more rain coming -n. and t will come in good thhough the overnight.3 and then through tomorrow. down.iceably see the rain coming hear it on the roof. heavy ain potentially across3 the area. 2-to 4-inches and through the day tomorrow, tonight through tomorrow, coming down at a good afternoon. so get prepared for that. -ooking at the future scan preddcted rainfall across the -egion. anywhere from potentially 2 and a half to 4 1/2. and some areas 5 nd 6 inches. pockett of area with heavy rain. dc up through howard county, baltimore county ggtting sooked in withhrain. ú%rroll county. and frederick counny could be
10:37 pm
we have seen a couple of inches from the previous storm. ground is saturated. and this gets on top of hat. liie a sponge. you pour in the waaer and it -bsorbs and you pour more, it runs off. it will have a hard time to ffnd places to go. see ponding water over the nnxt 24 to 36 hours. downnown inner harbour, cloudy east-northeast winds at eiiht. humiddty levels att81 percent. some of the rainfall we have seen has been over viiginia. still trying to ake up the way through the south. through the next several hours. national weather service has issued watches aad warnings. for central maryland. the western edge of the chesapeakk bay, as we see the eaaterlyyflow of the water lapping up along the beach line. so flooding conditions out there. all of ceetral virginia eastern virginia under this watch as well. heading to south we have tornadoes watches over the
10:38 pm
carolinas, as this volatile wwather shifts north. we have a potentiallof sseing tornado watches tomorrow. potentiil for isolated tornadoee with the spinning of the aamosphere. so something to watch and keep3 you posted with any severe weather details as it becomes available if we nned to for tomorrow. heavy rain makes the way outtof the carolinas to virginia. riding along the frontal boundary. in fact, time thing out on the futurr scan. looking at seven a.m..3 rush hour. a mess. give yourself extra time tomorrow orning. with heavy rainfall. and same ffr lunch hour. and by evening sooe of it heads ú%re of the energy startsstor head out over the atlantic. we see it start to get breaks from the rain friday and into the weekend. tonight, 71 degrees. %-tomorrow turn storms. in pace. isolated tornado r so. watch for that. definitely heavy rainfall throuuh the afterroon. with temperatures around 77. aad then your five-day forecast. shoos that rain startinn to get out of here. friday, saturday, sunday, clearing taking place. and 73 friday.
10:39 pm
saturday and sunday in the 60s. and deeinitely cooler temperatures back in plly by early parts of next week. jeff and jennifer. >> thank you so mmch. as you head out for the morning ride, to work, get the latestt3 about whicc streets are flooded and the best detours. tomorrowwmorning on fox 45 nnws latest ttaffic inforration will be on the fox 45 news ticker and fox 45 apps for the drrid and3 --phone. fox 45 morning news starts at 5 .m. >> a peewee football game in texas ends wwth this. this flying not so much the -layers. but parents and the coaches that went at it. appprently it did start with a scufffe on the field betteen two kids. and then the grown ups got involved. all of the adult coaches were disciplined t turns out the kids they have been ban from the playoffs. >> they worked veey hard o get wherr they re. and to be punished like this for what adults have done, you know,
10:40 pm
i think it is unfair. >> well one of the coaches involved was ban for life. combine a pumpkin patch haunted house and strippclub? a good news story. south kansas city has hat is known as fun ttwn out there. haunted houss and pumpkin patch just for halloween. right next door called pure. residents are completely outraged that fun town next door neighbor is anything but pure. >> i wwnt children, we love kids, and umpkin patches all about having kids arrund. we hardly even know that is very safe. nothing to do with pure. i had not one person concerned or worried about that thisú weekend. >> even though now it is on tv worldwide. city said pure is wwrking3 completely within the law and that the ttrm fuu toon maybb doesn't apply to children.
10:41 pm
ú% so the winner, australia's neet top model for 2000, iss >> well, e are going to have to wait, i guess. mistake on live of it ever tv. why a
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> the new american idol judges get the first taate f the audition process n jersey city ú%w jersey tuesday jennifer lopez and he thai stephen tyler join randy for the first round -f auditions. tyler said he will let the contestants know what he this.3 >> i will. those that have an act together. i will ell them don't be angry, don't be mad at what i say. get better. tyler? can get maddat steve ú%ason 10 starts in anuary %->> a modeling mix up major ti3
10:45 pm
reelity competition nnmes thh wrong winner on live tv. >> it is bad. in tonight'' "word on the web". judy kurtz reveals what happened. after the vvry embarrassing mistake. judy? >> you may want to call this aú major fashion faux paux. australia's top model crowned on tv. but the problem, the wrong model announced as the champ. clipphas gotten hundreds of thousands of views on "youtube". of course here in the states, tara banks hosts it, in austtalia it is hosted by sarah murdoch. check out how it all goes down. >> so the winner, and -uutralia's next top model for 2010, is. it is you kelsey. i am so sorry about this. oh, my god.
10:46 pm
oh, i don't know what to say. this is not -- thhs is a commlete accident. it is amanda. because of a miscommunicationas with producers. "youtube" watchers accused the whole thing of being puulicity stunt. next top model is giving the wrongly named winner 25000 and a trip to new york to make up the incident. >> hopefully no mix up for theú u.s. audition. catch top model wednesday at 8:00 on our sister station cw baltimore. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the wee". >> coming up in sports. the ravens bid farewell fo
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich did not make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but martin o'malley, even in the toughest of times, has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first.
10:49 pm
>> final look at the seven-day forecast. ii looks like e will see heavy rainffll through the nnght tonight. --to 4-inches, or more. and it look like we will see the storm push oot of here. still a chancc for isolated tornadoes to watch for in the afternoon. so we will watch the sky for that.ú if aaything erupts. %-sunday.r as friday, saturday, 73 friday. cooling down saturday. 69 degrees. and then we get into the lower mid 60s for monday, tuesday, wednesday. overnight lows innthe upper 40s, lower 50s. so deeinitely fall weether is upon

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